Adult Braces


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What Choices Do Adults Have?


Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces remain the most popular type of braces for a reason: they work efficiently and are budget friendly. Today’s metal braces are sleeker, smaller and more comfortable than metal braces from your teenage years. If you have a severe malocclusion, bite issue, or never had braces before, metal braces can get you the best results.

With braces a bracket is placed on the front of each tooth, connected together by a metal wire. If you want to add some color to your smile, you can change out the elastic bands for a new color at each orthodontic visit, every four to six weeks. Most adults wear metal braces a minimum of 18 months. Remember, you will need to wear a retainer once the braces are removed to keep that perfect smile.

Ceramic Clear Braces

Ceramic braces work similarly to traditional metal braces in achieving fantastic results. Instead of metal brackets, the orthodontist places a clear ceramic bracket on each tooth, connected by a metal wire. Since the brackets are clear, they blend in with the color of your natural teeth, making them basically transparent. Most people will not even notice your braces.

As we've grown with age so has technology, unlike clear braces of the past these brackets resist staining so they'll stay white. Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up your coffee or wine anymore. Feel great about yourself now, it all starts with a smile.




smile now, later and always


When you choose Invisalign you are deciding on a worry-free solution to your smile.

No more worries of showing braces, no more worries of what to eat and no more worries of having a busy schedule. With Invisalign you are in control of your orthodontic plan. Its simple, your orthodontist will let you know in the initial consultation if you are a right candidate or not. Once the green light is given, an impression of your teeth will be taken and from there its sit back and watch the future of orthodontics unfold.

Invisalign allows us to show you before you start treatment what the end result will look like and at the moment you'll know you've made the right choice. As specialist in orthodontia no other doctor can perfect your smile like an orthodontist can and here at iSmile we pride ourselves in that. We take the time to review your bite and fix any issues that is unpleasant to the eye but also conforms to your oral bite. 

Unlike traditional braces, you can eat and drink whatever your heart desires. You brush and floss normally so your teeth stay in tip-top condition, just make sure to fit your aligners right after. Get ready for the compliments, your friends, family, and colleagues will try to guess what you’ve done. All they'll know is that you look fantastic!


At iSmile, we understand your busy schedule.


We know that life gets in the way, juggling between a crazy work schedule and family activities. But isn’t it time to finally take care of "I"? We will create a personalized orthodontic plan and schedule a time that works best for you. Schedule your free consultation at your nearest iSmile location today. Let us help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted!