If you have had braces, the most exciting day is when they are removed.  You may think your orthodontic obligations are over, but having straight teeth is a life long job. Once your braces are removed comes the next stage, a retainer!

Let It Sink In

 Believe it or not, your teeth often look their best a few weeks after you have had your braces removed. While having braces, you might have had a harder time keeping them perfectly clean. Flossing and brushing really well becomes difficult because you now have a temporary visitor ( your new braces ) living on your teeth.  Once the braces are removed, you can brush, brush,brush! Letting a few weeks pass helps to bring down any inflammation of the gums that may have resulted from not being able to properly care for them.

Wear Your Retainers, Or Your Teeth Will Shift!

 Your teeth always want to go back to their original position, even after months in braces. This is why we cannot stress enough how important it is to consistently wear your retainers. This helps to battle your teeth from wanting to revert back to your before treatment days.

Your Genetic Instructions

 Treatment can turn your teeth into a picture perfect smile, however it can not override your natural genetic instructions or DNA.  This can influence alignment, as well your oral habits. If you have a habit of clenching your teeth it can effect your alignment.  Typical wear and tear can also contribute to the feeling that your teeth are shifting, such as doing every day things like eating. 

No matter what, I cant avoid my teeth shifting?

 Coming in for routine retainer checks will ensure that your teeth always remain straight!  Contact our office to schedule your routine retainer check!

Sergio Palmero