"Braces work by exerting continuous, light pressure on the teeth, which in turn, actually changes the shape of the bone. The goal of Phase II treatment is to move teeth into their ideal, permanent position."



Traditional Metal Braces  Still the most common type of braces for children to treat malocclusion's (bad bites), metal braces are typically worn for 18-30 months, although your child’s individual case may require more or less time. Metal braces produce excellent results and are a budget-friendly option.

With metal braces, the orthodontist places a metal bracket on each tooth, connected by a metal wire. Today, kids can choose the color of their elastic band, and change it out at each visit, usually every four to six weeks. Kids love having control over this, selecting bands to represent colors of holidays, team sports, and to show school spirit.

Ceramic Clear Braces  Ceramic braces work like metal braces and achieve similar results. For the child who does not want to bring attention to his braces, this is a good option. Instead of metal, the orthodontist places a ceramic bracket on each tooth, connected together by metal wires. Since ceramic braces are light in color, they blend in with the patient’s teeth.




So, how do you know if your child is ready for Phase I treatment?


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