This is the part that most people are afraid of, what will a beautiful pair of pearly whites cost me?

We believe here at iSmile Orthodontics that the cost of treatment should not be the deciding factor on whether you proceed with orthodontic care or not. This is a life changing form of treatment and understand what a difference this can make for someone. That's why we try to make it possible for each and every one of our patients to receive what they always wanted, a perfect smile.


We accept almost every insurance plan available and call to verify that you are getting the maximum benefit coverage. What if I don't have insurance, can I still get treatment? Of course! We have teamed up with OrthoFi making it easy to gather all your information on a timely manner giving you the flexibility of choosing the financial plan that works best for you. T

his will expedite determining your out-of-pocket costs and allow us to refine your payment options at during the consultation.We have several interest fee payment plan options that make it possible for all to be proud of their smile. For even more accessibility we offer care credit to all our patients and they can pay on their own terms. Doesn't orthodontic treatment sound possible now?